Cardone is
innovating with a mission.


We’ve been remanufacturing auto parts for a long time now—since 1970 to be exact.

One of the principles we have built upon along the way is this: To be successful, innovation cannot be an afterthought.

That’s why CARDONE continues to look forward and stay ahead as we consistently make late model technology available to the aftermarket. We build parts that last longer, which keeps cars running, protects people’s wallets, and helps families stay safe.

Today, CARDONE remanufactures and supplies more than 46,000 specific auto parts. That’s a lot of parts. Our sizable inventory makes it possible to offer full coverage for all makes and models of cars and light trucks—from 1920 to current model years. That’s nearly 100 years worth of auto parts for those of you counting at home.

So whether it’s a 1967 Thunderbird windshield wiper motor or the brake caliper for a 2007 Lexus RX 330, we have what our customers need. In fact, we have enough remanufactured parts to service all 270 million vehicles on the road in the U.S. and 300 million in Europe.

What’s even more impressive? All these parts are stocked on our shelves, ready for immediate order and delivery. That way broken-down vehicles can be serviced quickly and cost effectively. And people can be back on the road faster, with smiles on their faces and money to spare.


Innovation is essential to the continuation of our business, which is why CARDONE has assembled an Innovation Team specifically devoted to new product development. This group of experts, with representatives from across the company, keeps current on the release of all new cars.

More than 350 models are introduced in the United States every year.* With warranties often providing original equipment parts on vehicles for up to 5 years, CARDONE and our Innovation Team has a significant amount of time to research, develop, and introduce remanufactured parts that are often better than their predecessors.

CARDONE’s remanufactured parts help vehicles stay on the road longer.