Cardone is
improving health and happiness.


CARDONE has some of the healthiest employees in the industry. Perhaps not in a strict diet and exercise kind of way—but in a genuinely dedicated way that has publicly earned our active lifestyles recognition from the Philadelphia Business Journal three years running.


Philadelphia Business Journal also praised CARDONE for expanding the scope of our wellness program well beyond physical health. We’re examining mental, emotional, internal, and external health factors to provide a personalized, holistic approach for each one of our valued employees.

Our commitment to the physical and emotional well-being goes beyond a simple program. It includes investment in:

  • Full-time, on-site health coaches who provide employees with group exercise classes and individual guidance on reducing risk factors.
  • Body composition analyzers who offer feedback to employees on their progress towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • Chaplains who provide emotional and therapeutic support.

These staff members are in addition to health self-assessments and biometric testing. Providing this type of testing has helped us amass a large amount of data during the past 6 years, all of which has made it possible for us to predict potential health concerns and detail monthly/yearly trends in employee wellness.


CARDONE is self-insured, which means we provide better medical benefits to our employees than traditional insurers. With this responsibility squarely in our capable hands, we make sure what we offer fits our commitment to total well-being and is of good value—not some prepackaged collection of add-ons.

We strongly believe that empirical data is critical to helping our people improve their lives. Biometric screening gives our employees a detailed view of common health indicators. With a picture of their complete health, our people can avoid potential problems down the road.

Employees are then periodically retested, which provides even better stats, resulting in healthier people — and who doesn’t like that? The result is that while everyone else in the country is experiencing skyrocketing health care costs, CARDONE employees enjoy premiums that continue to be less than the industry average.

Other Benefits

In case you’re wondering, yes, we do have the standard perks you would expect working for a company of 6,000 employees.

These perks include 100 percent in-network medical coverage, dental coverage, a flexible spending account, and $0 costs for approved prescription drugs. All of this is on top of our robust 401(K) plan with a guaranteed match and competitive vacation allowances.

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Well, consider us flattered. Our Employee Wellness Program and benefits package is a model for large companies throughout the United States. We see this as a bonus to our efforts—people outside of CARDONE being treated to a better workplace.